The Centre for Indigenous Science Education

Tansi, Aniin and Welcome!

The Centre for Indigenous Science Education is based at the University of Winnipeg. The University of Winnipeg is committed to the development of programs that are relevant to Indigenous peoples at the post-secondary, high school and elementary school level.  Winnipeg has one of the fastest growing urban Indigenous populations in Canada. The University of Winnipeg proudly reflects this reality. We are one of the top four universities in the country for Indigenous participation, and more than 10% of our student body self-identify as First Nations, Métis, and Inuit.

The Centre for Indigenous Science Education incorporates the activities of the Chair of Science Education in Cultural Contexts in science education and supports the launch of new initiatives that are directed at the improvement of scientific literacy in Indigenous youth.  There are greater numbers of Aboriginal students graduating from education programs across the country.  These students will be looking for graduate level opportunities that meet their needs. 

The Centre enhances the University of Winnipeg's Bachelor of Education Program and the Winnipeg Education Program, an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the needs and challenges of the inner city, by increasing the resources to the primarily Aboriginal student population. The purpose of the Centre is to examine science teaching and learning experiences in the Indigenous population of Manitoba and beyond.

The CISE has some specific objectives:

• to increase the accessibility of Indigenous science research and resources for pre-service, in-service teachers, graduate students and visiting researchers;

• to increase the participation of Indigenous educators in the pursuit of graduate level studies by providing a working space with the necessary tools and resources.